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In November 2013, my scifi murder mystery, In Retrospect, will be released by Five Star (Gale-Cengage). Between now and then I will be working to get the word out about the book. I’m incredibly excited to have hooked up with old friend Michael Sissons, who is using many of the descriptions from the book to create Concept Art, which is a type of illustration that is “a visual representation of an idea design or mood.” This is a rare chance to watch an artist bring a book to life, and to see how that process will help promote the book itself. Come along for the ride! http://www.inretrospectbook.com

Below is the first rendering from Mike’s paintbrush (otherwise known as his computer). This is the 3D illustration of the Vessel, the all-important time machine featured in the novel.


The banner at the top of the page is the finished version of the scene of the crime: Omari Zane’s study. Check out the early drafts here.