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Measure of the UniverseI’m giving away two free copies of my whimsical sci-fi novel, The Measure of the Universe on Goodreads. This is for the trade paperback version, which includes the infamous Author’s Apology. The draw is open for the month of February. http://bit.ly/VW9Z7d

A wide-eyed archeologist from Aldebaran lands in Greece to study with a sharp-tongued professor of paleography. They discover love among the runes, and a plot spelling disaster for both their worlds.

“Studded with clever double entendres and puns, this makes an engaging read for language lovers” -Booklist

“Bookstore workers will hate trying to figure out where to shelve The Measure of the Universe, which cleverly weaves mystery, romance, and wordplay into a twenty-first century tale.” -Strange Horizons