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I ran a three-day Goodreads Giveaway earlier in the week, offering a signed pre-press review copy of IN RETROSPECT (trade paperback). With three months to go before the pub date, I plan to run a series of Goodreads Giveaways (so check back every now and then).

Cover_ARC_400The interesting thing is that when I signed up for the giveaway, a very nice Goodreads rep emailed me and wanted to make sure I knew that three days was a very short time to run a giveaway, and that they recommended a month. I explained that I knew that, but wanted to try some different types of giveaways, if that was okay. She assured me that it was.

I went with the short giveaway based on a blog post written by Emlyn Chand over at novelpublicity.com. She shows some interesting stats about the reach of different Goodreads Giveaways. Her numbers show that the shorter giveaways garner as many hits as the longer. I had previously done another giveaway, one month in length, for another book, offering two copies, and had been a bit disappointed in the results.

So here’s what happened: My three day (Thurs, Fri, Sat) pre-press review copy got 412 requests. Whereas my previously 30 day giveaway of two comes, got 321 requests.

Now, you may be saying, “So? Nobody bought a book.” Very true, but the point of the Goodreads giveaway is to spread the word about the book. Especially when giving away pre-press review copies. So I’m pretty happy with my result. In a few weeks I will have another giveaway, perhaps for a week, to test the theory that most requests come in on the first day and the last day (certainly true in my case, when I had over 200 requests the first day and another 200 the third day).

Now go ship off the book to Stephanie in Maryland! I hope you enjoy it!