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Seven months after starting this blog, I find myself working on getting as many reviews as possible. This despite the modern (read “this year’s”) received wisdom that reviews are no longer the primary marketing tool they once were. Well, they are for libraries, and since Five Star sells primarily to libraries, I am working hard on getting reviews.

Pre-press review copies were sent out two months ago, and they are beginning to drift in (watch this space :-)). But I am also going heavily for the book bloggers, vloggers, and other on-line reviewers. Which is where NetGalley comes in.

The beauty of NetGalley is the beauty of all on-line activity: I upload the ebook once, and any reviewer that wants to view (I’m talking to you, librarians!) or review the book can download it. I have control over each download, so for example, if Arnold from Alaska, who is 18 and has an audience of one wants to review it, I can decline his request.

The book will be up on NetGalley for six months, and the hope is that this will give reviewers, librarians, and bookstore owners an easy opportunity to take a look at the book at their leisure, and without the expense of copies and postage (sorry USPS!).

NetGalley also gives you a widget to stick on your website or put in the sig file of your emails. This widget includes a direct link to an invitation to review the book. So, reviewers, librarians, and bookstore owners, click on the graphic below and go for it!